In early 1921 a fourteen year old boy from Russia stepped off a boat and on to Ellis Island. Max was the youngest of six sons, and his parents brought them to America because they wanted a better life for their family.

Max arrived with many hopes and dreams. He was told that the United States was a land of opportunity that offered everyone the chance to pursue and reach their goals. He was told that hard work and determination would be rewarded and that freedom was a guaranteed right for everyone.

At first, he tried a career in boxing, and although he possessed a powerful left hand, he realized that his real talents did not include pugilism.

Max was a master at relating to people and he soon found himself immersed in a career in sales. His success as a salesman during the Great Depression enabled him to help support his parents, his brothers, and their families.

Shortly before World War II, he opened his first dress manufacturing company and was able to provide employment for hundreds of families over the years.

Max would do whatever he could to help his employees and customers. He made each person feel that they were important to him and he treated all men and women with great respect. He was a man of his word and a promise made by Max Kaplan was as binding as a signed contract. He attained a reputation as a fair man with uncompromising ethics that recognized the value of every individual.

We, the sons and family of Max Kaplan are proud that he was our father and mentor.

The family and staff of Max's on Main will continue to practice our namesakes wish to help others. We have made a pledge to treat all of our guests as individuals and offer everyone excellent, friendly service.

It is our wish that you enjoy yourselves while we maintain the same high values and work ethic that our father demonstrated throughout his life.

— Harvey and Richie Kaplan, May 5, 2006